Reliefs: Reading (or Privacy) etc.
photo: Reading maquette

Size: 22cm by 25 cm

This small relief is a bronze cast of the maquette for the larger piece shown below.

photo: large Reading relief

This piece (84cm x 100cm) was designed to fit a 'niche' in a barn wall. It is cast in ciment fondu, a cheaper alternative to bronze which is suitable for outdoor pieces.


The piece incorporates a quotation from one of Keats' letters:

'...and there I'd sit and read all day, like the picture of somebody reading...'.

'Between the Lines'

In this relief the face on the left is in intaglio (cut into the surface) while that on the right is in relief (above the surface). It deals with the idea of communication or the creation of meaning in the spaces between people, the weeds that grow in the no-mans land between the lines.

On display in Low Fell Library, Gateshead

'Mirror Dark'

Again playing with positive and negative, relief and intaglio, the hands are modelled in the round while the face is in intaglio.

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